Click to enlarge1992 Pinnacle St. Louis Cardinals Baseball Card Team Set

The 1992 Pinnacle St. Louis Cardinals MLB Team Set contains 27 St. Louis Cardinals baseball cards including Star Players like Ozzie Smith, Pedro Guerrero, Andres Galarraga, Lee Smith, Todd Zeile and the rookie card of Brian Jordan. Collecting different brands of baseball cards from the same year can give you a different view of all your faviorte players. All cards in the set are listed below.

6 Ozzie Smith - 32 Todd Zeile - 69 Tom Pagnozzi - 88 Bernard Gilkey - 126 Ray Lankford - 159 Felix Jose - 186 Omar Olivares - 195 Lee Smith - 219 Bob Tewksbury - 239 Jose Oquendo - 263 Stan Royer - 288 Bob Tewksbury Sidelines - 298 Brian Barber RC - 304 Allen Watson RC - 315 Rex Hudler - 341 Jose DeLeon - 345 Milt Thompson - 381 Andres Galarraga - 392 Pedro Guerrero - 474 Bryn Smith - 479 Todd Worrell - 487 Geronimo Pena - 494 Joe Magrane - 541 Donovan Osborne - 555 Brian Jordan RC - 565 Mike Perez - 589 Rex Hudler Idols Roger Staubach

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Collecting baseball cards and other sports cards is a fun way for the whole family to build lasting memories. Kids, parents and grandparents can all have fun together colleting sports cards.

Baseball Cards and Sports Cards collecting tips: The key factor to remember when building your baseball cards, football cards, other sports cards and non-spots card collections is that the condition of the baseball cards, football cards, or other cards is very important to itís value and the selling price. Baseball cards in lower condition bring far less than those same sports card in top shape. Make sure to protect your sports cards with the proper card supplies every time. If you ever think of selling baseball cards, football cards, or other sports cards your top condition cards will always get better prices than sports cards that are not in top condition regardless if they are old sports cards or new sports cards when you put them up for sale.

There is no right or wrong baseball cards to collect. Many people like Topps baseball cards or Upper Deck baseball cards but there have been many manufacturers over the years and even the ones that are no longer in business anymore like Fleer or Pinnacle are collected by many fans. Some buy only brand new sports cards while other buy only old vintage baseball cards. Price, value or what a price guide says a sports card is worth should not be the only or even the main factor in what you buy. The way to have the most fun with the hobby is to collect what you like and how you like and not what someone else says they think you should.

Many hobbiests like to buy baseball cards by the pack or box and get a thrill out of hitting their favorite player or that hard to find card insert, autograph or relic card. Others like to collect baseball card team sets or cards of their home town players and yet others buy factory sets or build sets by hand. Collecting baseball cards, football cards, basketball cards, or any other types of sports trading cards can be a life long hobby that's fun for the whole family. So above all enjoy your hobby.

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