Click to enlarge1997 Topps Inter-League Match-Up Insert Singles

We have a limited amount of the 1997 Topps Inter-League Match-Up singles. Please e-mail us before ordering multiplies of the same card.

Singles are priced by The Induivual card in the drop down box.

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ILM1 M.McGwire/B.Bonds

ILM2 M.Piazza/T.Salmon

ILM3 K.Griffey Jr./D.Bichette

ILM4 J.Gonzalez/T.Gwynn

ILM5 S.Sosa/F.Thomas

ILM6 A.Belle/B.Larkin

ILM7 J.Damon/B.Jordan

ILM8 P.Molitor/J.King

ILM9 J.Bagwell/J.Jaha

ILM10 B.Williams/T.Hundley

ILM11 J.Carter/H.Rodriguez

ILM12 C.Ripken/G.Jefferies

ILM13 C.Jones/M.Vaughn

ILM14 T.Fryman/G.Sheffield

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