Click to enlarge1988 Topps New York Yankees Baseball Card Team Set

Only 1 In Stock - The 1988 Topps New York Yankees MLB Team Set contains 37 New York Yankees baseball cards including Star Players like Don Mattingly, Rickey Henderson, Dave Winfield, Ron Guidry, Tommy John, and Dave Righetti. All cards in the set and their card numbers are listed below.

18 Al Leiter - 44 Lou Piniella - 60 Rickey Henderson - 84 Cecilio Guante - 109 Joel Skinner - 159 Brad Arnsberg - 185 Rick Rhoden - 210 Willie Randolph - 235 Gary Ward - 257 Jerry Royster - 259 Ron Kittle - 283 Phil Lombardi - 300 Don Mattingly - 335 Claudell Washington - 359 Tim Stoddard - 384 Neil Allen - 386 Don Mattingly AS - 387 Willie Randolph AS - 392 Dave Winfield AS - 411 Wayne Tolleson - 435 Mike Pagliarulo - 459 Yankees Team Leaders - 484 Pat Clements - 510 Dave Winfield - 535 Ron Guidry - 561 Rick Cerone - 584 Steve Trout - 611 Tommy John - 636 Charles Hudson - 659 Bobby Meacham - 663 Ron Blomberg TBC - 691 Dan Pasqua - 711 Bill Gullickson - 716 Lenn Sakata - 741 Mike Easler - 766 Henry Cotto - 790 Dave Righetti

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